Turkey - Hearts N Livers

packaged in approximately 3 lb. packages
$6.00/lb. Avg. 3 lb.

Turkey - Thighs

2 Thighs in a pkg
$9.00/lb. Avg. 3.25 lb.

Kombucha- Ginger Pear

Ginger Pear Rude Brew Kombucha, 16 ounce

Hook's 3 Year Cheddar (Orange)

Colored Cheddar with a nice sharp cheddar flavor.
$9.25/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

Winter Egg CSA -

4dz per month / 2dz every other week

Winter Egg CSA Add-On Ground Turkey

2 tubes of Ground Turkey per month plus 4dz eggs

Winter Egg CSA Add-On Boneless Skinless chicken breast

2 packages per month/ 4dz eggs per month.

Winter Egg CSA Add-On Coffee with 4dz chicken eggs

1 jar of Coffee per month/ 4dz chicken eggs per month

Winter Egg CSA Add-On Whole Chicken

Winter Egg CSA Add-On 1 whole chicken and 4dz eggs per month

Winter Egg CSA Add-On Jumbo Package

1 chicken, 2 tubes ground turkey, 2 packs boneless/skinless breasts and 4dz eggs

Garlic, German Porcelain

1 German Porcelain hardneck garlic bulb

Garlic, Killarney Red Garlic

1 Killarney Red hardneck garlic bulb
$9.00/lb. Avg. 1.4 lb.
$14.00/lb. Avg. 12.8 oz.

French Label Rouge - Ground

Packed in 1 lb. packages
$17.99/lb. Avg. 1 lb.

French Label Rouge hen - Whole

All whole birds come with the neck, heart and liver
$5.00/lb. Avg. 4 lb.

French Label Rouge Leg Quarters

2 Leg Quarters in pkg
$7.00/lb. Avg. 1.7 lb.
$4.00/lb. Avg. 2.4 lb.

Chicken Stew Bird - Whole

Neck, heart/liver included inside bird
$4.00/lb. Avg. 7 lb.

Dinner for 1

each bird is an average of 2.5 lbs.