Our Farm's Story

In 2012, Nico Bryant began Bryant Family Farms with the thought of bringing up a family on a family farm. He started by raising chickens and eggs on a friends farm as he continued working a full time job as a low voltage specialist for a public school district. While working for the district Nico began noticing what the students were eating. Disheartened, he soon began thinking about the possibility of supplying families with Local, Clean, Fresh, Sustainably raised meat and eggs. These thoughts tied directly into his dream of having his own farm. Commuting back and forth for a year and half, he began to build a customer base and plan for the future growth of his farm.

In 2013 Nico had the opportunity to temporarily relocate to Socorro, New Mexico where he managed Pollo Real. located south of Santa Fe, NM. 

In 2016 while acting as caretaker for a 115 acre property in southern Wisconsin he was named Beginner Farmer of the Year by Wisconsin's Southwest Badger RC&D. That same year he was able to buy his own property just outside the great town of Mineral Point, WI.

Since then Bryant Family Farms has grown to be a premier Pastured Poultry Farm in SW Wisconsin. Bryant raises his poultry on lush Nutrient Dense Forage. He specialize in the French Label Rouge birds which are a slower growing, thicker skin and a more flavorful bird. Among other poultry he also features French Guinea Fowl, Grimaud Duck, Muscovy, and the Nicolas 500 strain of Turkey.

In 2018 Bryant Family Farms received a Frontera Farmer Foundation (Rick Bayless) Grant to assist in putting up a Life Cycle production building on farm. This building allowed me the space to breed certain birds together, an incubation room, a brooder room as well as a water/feed and grow out room all under one roof.

In the Spring of 2020 we were notified of receiving a 2nd Frontera Farmer Foundation (Rick Bayless) grant to assist in the funding needed to open up a USDA inspected further value added poultry processing facility. This will be the first of its kind in the state and the only one in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and northern Illinois. This facility will not only allow me to provide consumers with products such as boneless/skinless but also ground poultry and specialty products like Goose Prosciutto or Roulades. 

As part of the Federal Covid relief funds supplied by the US Government in 2022 to the state of Wisconsin. Bryant Family Farms was awarded a $150k matching funds grant in conjunction with the Meat and Poultry Resiliency Grant Program. Bryant Family Farms and Driftless Harvest Poultry Processing had a one of a kind USDA inspected Mobile Poultry Processing Trailer built for them. This State Of the Art Unit features a Blast chiller (allowing birds to be chilled with Air) rather than Ice or Water like what is done in every-other facility available for non contract growers in the area. This unit will not only allow us to be able to have FRESH never frozen product weekly but this will allow us to be able to harvest Chickens, Ducks, Turkeys, Guinea Fowl, Geese, Quail, Rabbit, Pheasant, Chukar and Squab on farm for producers within a 45 mile radius of Mineral Point Wisconsin. This will open up the doors for other poultry producers or enthusiasts to start raising birds or even increase production numbers over years past. The unit will actually go to the farmer's farms. This will limit the stress on the birds as well as the time needed for the farmers themselves to load birds, haul birds to processing. It will also eliminate the need for the farmers to return to the processing facility to pickup frozen birds (Not available Fresh). The farmers will be able to have a broader market to these products as they will stamped with a US legend.

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