Chicken Half - French Label Rouge

1/2 of a whole chicken

Thanksgiving CHICKENS

Large Chickens weighing 7 - 10.5 lbs. Perfect when a turkey is just too much!

Winter Egg Share Program
Registration Closes
Nov. 1 2021

Our 3 pick up locations will be:

The Heights, 11 N. Allen St. Madison
The Meat People, 4106 Monona Dr, Madison
EVP Coffee 555 South Midvale Boulevard, Madison

For weekly pick ups.

* Note that the charge for the Egg Share Package you chose will be charged upon selecting it in order to secure your reservation. The Egg Share Program itself does not begin until November 6th.
** You’ll receive an order confirmation email with the order. Disregard if you have placed an order without additional items to be delivered.

From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

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What's New on the Farm? Baby Goats and Lambs.

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From Our Farm to Your Family's Table

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