Turkey - Necks

Turkey - Necks

packaged in approximately 3 lb. packages
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From livingstrong.com

"Turkey necks are an often overlooked cut of the bird, as they have little substance compared to meatier cuts like breasts and wings. However, they are a welcome ingredient in many different dishes, and are adept at providing a deep and comforting flavor to many meals. Try this economical cut of meat to boldly season a dish or as an inexpensive main course, and be amazed at the taste explosion that a neck packs. Cook turkey necks slow and long to enhance their tenderness."

Don't know what to do with them? Read up a bit on tenderness.

  • Smoked Turkey Necks in teriyaki-StirFry
  • Turkey neck gravy 
  • Turkey neck soup stock
  • Turkey neck split pea soup
  • Slow cooker with beans.....first season and brown the necks in a pan slowly. Then add to your beans to cook. YUM!
  • Cajun style smoked turkey necks
  • .............the list goes on and on. Feel free to tell us your favorite way to prepare them and we'll add it to the list

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