CSA  Platinum

CSA Platinum

CSA Platinum Membership = $5000
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PLATINUM MEMBER$ = 5000 Membership

A 15% discount will applied to the purchases made while this CSA Membership is active. As a gift you will receive

  • 1 quart jar of BFF Coffee. The coffee is roasted right here at the farm.
  • 1 16 ounce jar of BFF Honey
  • 1 Holiday Turkey.
  • Additionally you will receive a tour for 5 people of the farm including a picnic lunch.

No minimum order amount for free delivery (Due to increased fuel prices we ask that your order hit a minimum of $35.00 and you’ll receive free delivery)

The funds in this CSA are to be used in 2 calendar years from the date you sign up for it.

CSA funds may not be used to purchase another CSA