2022-23 Winter Bundle November-April

2022-23 Winter Bundle November-April
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You'll Receive this bundle 1X per Month, delivered to your door. If you sign up for a 2022-23 Winter Egg Share, we will also deliver those eggs to your door so that you don't have to go get them.

This bundle includes:

1 Whole Chicken

2 packages of Boneless Skinless Turkey Breasts

1 package of French Leg Quarters

2 packages of French Legs

2 dozen Chicken Eggs

1 Pint Honey

1lb bag of Coffee

$125.00 per month or Save 11% off when paying for entire winter up front

Upon checkout, add however months you want to sign up for, up to 6 in the quantity area. Orders of 6 months will Only receive the 11% discount

6 Month Winter Share Price $667.50

Regular price $750.00


November 2,

December 14

January 11

February 8

March 8

April 5