2021-22 Winter Egg  Share pickup for 3dz from EVP (Midvale)

2021-22 Winter Egg Share pickup for 3dz from EVP (Midvale)

3 dozen eggs per week
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2021-22 Winter Egg Share for 3 dozen per week for the duration from November 6, 2021- April 30, 2022

These eggs will be picked up @ EVP at 555 South Midvale Boulevard, Madison

The Eggs will be delivered on Friday between 8-4pm. So eggs will be available to be picked up Friday after 4pm- Sunday evening. Please note eggs will be unavailable after close of business on Sunday as they will be donated. Please also don't take more eggs than you pay for when picking up eggs. There won't be extras, so if you'll be out of town, please make sure you coordinate with a friend, family member or a neighbor to get your eggs, as we won't have extras at pickup locations.

* Note that the charge for the Egg Share Package you chose will be charged upon selecting it in order to secure your reservation. The Egg Share Program itself does not begin until November 6th.

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